Recombinant Protein (dRP)

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Comparison with existing protein therapeutics
Advantages of DNA-based recombinant protein compared to existing protein therapeutics

Large scale plasmid development and production at low cost

- Short product development duration (development of master cell line, development of
  production process exempted)
- Price competitiveness (low investment on fixed capital, competitive production cost)

Excellent in vivo safety and activity

- DNA plasmids are non-allergenic
- Therapeutic agents produced in vivo
- DNA plasmids are maintained for 30 days ensuring continued dose effect

Market size of existing protein therapeutics
The value of domestic protein therapeutics market is forecasted to grow by 23% yearly from
KRW300 billion in 2001 to KRW9 trillion in 2017.

The value of global protein therapeutics market is estimated to grow by 11% yearly from
US$22.2 billion in 2001 to US$113.4 billion in 2017.